Electric Money
Perspectives on Bitcoin, energy, and the environment

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  • What Effect Does Bitcoin Have On The Environment?

    Short answer Bitcoin’s energy use is transparent and measurable; currently, almost half is from renewable sources. Importantly, Bitcoin is uniquely positioned to aid in our transition to renewable energy because it can help stabilize the power grid. By bringing Bitcoin to the source of power, we can more efficiently bring the power to us; this…

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  • Why Does Bitcoin Exist?

    Short answer The promise of Bitcoin is to provide us with a better, fairer money. Bitcoin was released amidst the Great Financial Crisis, when the chasm between the Top 1% and Bottom 99% grew rapidly and the fragility of our financial system was revealed yet again. Bitcoin promises to help stabilize our economy, reverse decades…

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  • Why Does Bitcoin Use So Much Energy?

    Short answer Bitcoin is forged from energy through a process called “Proof of Work.” This ensures bitcoin is and remains sound, fair, and honest, because it forces everyone to play by the same rules—energy cannot be printed by central banks or gamed by politicians. The expenditure of energy is the specific solution to the problem…

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